Diverse courses catalog from top Universities

E4D provides an “academic interface” for the so-called MOOCs (massive open online courses), offered through web-based services such as edX (www.edx.org), Coursera (www.coursera.org), and Udacity (www.udacity.com). Participants choose from a vast variety of courses spread across many disciplines, taught by distinguished professors from leading international universities. E4D internet facilities are available at all hours of the day, for participants to ingest course lectures and materials at their own individual pace. Moreover, we aim to create environments conducive to learning, equipped with basic amenities like 24×7 water and electricity.

Laboratory Coursework

E4D workshop facilities, laboratory resources and technical staff enable participants to complete basic laboratory courses in biology/biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, and more!

Flexible Scheduling

E4D facilities are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, to accommodate constraints on participants’ schedules due to real-world commitments (e.g., employment, family care, health issues). E4D participants can arrange to learn on their own preferred schedules. (Yes, it is possible to carry out university-level coursework and also work a full-time job!)

Accessible Facilities

E4D makes every effort to minimize constraints on participation posed by physical disabilities and sensory impairments. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate participants with visual and hearing impairments, as well as those with mobility challenges.

Industry exposure and Internships

Through internship and research opportunities, E4D aims to provide all participants with early and frequent exposure to their chosen industries and professional fields. Participants are strongly encouraged to extend their practical work experience by performing internships with local and remote companies and universities, particularly during periods when little or no coursework is undertaken. Substantial E4D resources are committed to facilitate connection of participants with suitable internship opportunities. Participants are also be encouraged to make industry contacts independently, both to arrange internships and to connect their contacts with E4D personnel, thereby facilitating future internship opportunities for other E4D participants.

Free of Charge !

Participants are not charged tuition for coursework completed through E4D. Equipment, facilities, and required funds must all be secured through government and community support. Ultimately, national and state governments bear the great responsibility of extending public access to higher education. We expect they will recognize the E4D strategy as a more sensible investment than establishing thousands of new faculty-based colleges. 

Academic and Career Planning

E4D counsellors meet with participants several times upon initial enrollment, and then at 2-3 month intervals, to help participants lay out a goal-oriented academic plan and to select coursework and internships appropriately. At each planning session, participants have the option to adjust or refine their academic plans according to their updated career objectives.

Innovation Hubs and Experiential learning

At the core of each E4D facility is a workshop space dedicated to experiential learning and innovative research, an “Innovation Hub”. E4D participants have 24×7 access to common construction tools, basic electronics equipment, and a vast collection of raw/recycled materials, restocked through bulk purchase, materials recycling, and parts harvesting from discarded and disused equipment. Work conducted by E4D participants at Innovation Hubs Centre facilities is showcased intermittently at “TechMeet” events, organized in close collaboration with the participants themselves. Participants interact with representatives from corporations, universities, and other prospective employers, to facilitate arrangement of internships, and ultimately, employment.
Life Skills

Participants will be able to acquire life skills such as Digital literacy, English language literacy, Self-defense, Women empowerment  through periodic workshops arranged in collaboration with reputed organizations.

Certificates and Transcripts

Certificates awarded by EDx/Coursera/Udacity and similar online programs are verified by E4D and recorded in a cumulative record. Thereafter, upon request of the participant, E4D will issue a formal, independently verified “course transcript”.

Unrestricted transfer and Path jumping

Participants can arrange to access facilities at any E4D location, irrespective of their initial enrollment location. College/university students are encouraged to participate. E4D can supplement study at conventional institutions, or it can function as an independent alternative. Moreover, participants are never “locked in” to a particular area of study, but rather have the opportunity to modify their academic plan based on practical experience with courses and internships.