How can I join the E4D education program?

(a) Register in person at an E4D Centre,


(b) Register for E4D at our website:

During registration, you will schedule an appointment with one of our academic counsellors, who will guide you further.

  Am I eligible to participate in E4D?

 All persons who have passed Class 10 (Standard X) or higher are eligible to join E4D.

» There is no admissions test.

» There is no upper age limit.

» Working people are welcome!  (part-time or full-time)


How much do we have to pay for the courses?

Courses are offered FREE OF CHARGE!

E4D participants do not pay tuition.  Rather, all E4D facilities, equipment, and funds must be secured through government grants and community support.

 What certificates or other official documentation will E4D provide for courses that I complete successfully?

» E4D provides participants with an official academic transcript, a cumulative record of all coursework, internships, and research projects completed through participation in the E4D higher-education program.

» Certificates for individual courses completed can be obtained by the participant directly from MOOC providers (e.g., EDx, Coursera, Udacity).  E4D personnel can assist with certificate ordering, as required.

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How is E4D different from typical educational institutions?

» E4D centres are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, so that participants can view lectures, interact with online teaching staff, sit for exams, and access lab facilities, all at their own convenient timings.  This allows participants the flexibility needed to perform coursework and/or research while also working a full-time job or raising a family.

» At E4D, switching between “majors” is always possible!  Our specialized academic counsellors help each participant to choose courses and plan an individualized academic path based on personal interests and goals.

Does participating assure internships/employment in the future?

» E4D devotes substantial resources toward connecting participants with suitable internship opportunities.  These will be discussed and arranged during regularly scheduled academic planning sessions.

» E4D also encourages participants to be proactive in making new industry contacts.  We then try to maintain and extend these contacts, to facilitate future internship opportunities for other participants.  In this way, all E4D participants can benefit from the cumulative networking efforts of their peers!

Is there an English proficiency requirement for participation in E4D?

» Basic English skills are needed for many, but not all courses of study. Most advanced courses currently available are taught in English, but some MOOC services (e.g., Udacity) try to offer subtitles for their courses in a variety of local languages.  It is also possible to obtain lecture transcripts for many courses, which can be translated using free online translation tools (e.g.,

» Please note that online course materials are continuously being extended, to make them more accessible to as many people as possible.  Contact us for the latest information about courses offered in your native language!